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Shivani Thakkar consistently wow’s clients!
September 2019
Shivani is indubitably a rock-star real-estate agent! This is not just my feeling, but shared by many of my friends who worked (or are working) with her. This is second time we worked together and won an amazing house deal. Its all because of her incredible commitment to her job, promptness and  excellent negotiation skills. Shivani won this house for us, within 5 hours of listing, on a very prime location (near Microsoft), at a very low cost (way below market value), and when the property already had 3 offers. And unbelievably, she did all this while she was on a skiing trip with her family. This clearly shows her commitment to her job. Throughout the process, Shivani was in constant communication with me and the listing agent (from ski resort). She could sense the absolute minimum offer where seller would agree and got us the house at price significantly below my expectation. Three years ago, when we sold our house with Shivani as listing agent, no one could believe what we did and how we got an amazing deal. We challenged Shivani by listing our house for higher than market value. Even after listing the house above market value, she sold it for over 8% listing price. Overall we got 15% more value by working with Shivani. This time (to purchase a property in Redmond), she was totally incredible. That’s all I can say :-). We definitely make a great team Shivani and I am looking forward work with you again and again
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